New Antivirus Computer that prevents all Viruses and all Malware. Great for beginners and Children.

No more need to re install the Windows Operating System or lose your important files or programs.

No more Viruses
• No more Computer repair bills

How Antivirus Computer Works:

Simply double click the A.V.C. OPTIONS icon on your Desktop or on your Task bar as shown below.

                   Right click for A.V.C. Task bar OPTIONS 

The screen below will come up showing three choices to click on:


Save All Changes

Click on this option to save your favorites, internet cache, photos, videos, word documents, programs. Anything you have done will be saved. Please use caution and make sure there are no ALERTS such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, ad-ware, Malware before using this option since any of these could be saved by accident that will cause problems. Virus scanning software is recommended before using this option.

Remove All Mistakes
is used when your computer gets a Virus or your computer locks up, deleted a file or a driver file, make any mistakes or any changes to your computer settings.

The screen below will come up:

This option will restart your computer and remove any mistakes, Viruses, Worms, TrojansSpyware, adware, Malware. Anything that was done on the current session will be eliminated.

Joseph Rigatuso CEO of Antivirus Computer spent 9 years to create this product.

1. Antivirus software takes too long to scan for a virus.
2Antivirus software sometimes can not remove a really bad virus causing you to have to re install the Windows Operating System, causing you to lose your precious files and any programs that are installed.
3. Antivirus software allows a virus to touch the hard drive which can disable Windows System Restore Points not allowing you to restore back to a previous date and time.
4. Antivirus software is not child proof. A child or the first time user can delete Windows System files, etc causing the computer to crash. 
5. Antivirus software is not safe for beginners.
6. Antivirus software does not have the hard drive protected with a password to prevent anything from being saved on the current session.

Yes: you can use Antivirus Software with Antivirus Computer to let you know if there is a virus. You can then click on A.V.C. OPTIONS to choose
REMOVE ALL MISTAKES to remove the virus. So simple a child or the first time user can do it. Its like a magic trick.

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